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As we all know, women are victims of family social, political harassment and torture. Many children receive mental and physical punishment in the workplace and education.Elder/senior care home service, best nursing service in Dhaka BD, patient care, nurse services, Medical equipment services we are providing at your home

Our elderly people are experiencing extreme negligence, cruelty, dishonor, torture. The challenge of living the life of one million forty million elders is a new challenge. The biggest challenge is the elderly. Stop torturing.

 Why torture? What is the philosophical explanation of torture?

If you take the initiative to stop the torture by answering these questions, you will benefit. Philosophy has explained philosophy and science, science says, a desperate man.

And he is weak. He wants to get some kind of mental fulfillment by torturing.

For that, we see the cruelty, the oppression, the humiliation of the weak over the weak. Most recently, we see husbands killing wives,

cheating mothers, killing housewife working girls, owners killing their employees, terrorists attacking ordinary people, members of parliament being shot or beaten.

Explaining these, I can see that the strong are attacking the weak. Considering the fauna, weak animals of strong animals are avoided.

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The backdrop of such behavior is the unbridled desire of the people – the desire to which he is compared. With the opening of the unconscious mind.

The subconscious is what people think. Desiring, consciously, he covers them with his education, civilization, interests, cultural sociality and morality. That unfulfilled desire is not directly fulfilled

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. Attempts are made to fill the gap through violence and brutality. He expresses this violence in Kakhna alone and in Kukhna expresses it in a youthful way…

Criminologists have interpreted human cruelty, oppression, torture in a single way. The people of the well-wishes hope that if the oppression and persecution in the society do not stop, a welfare state cannot be formed for the people.Elder/senior care home service, best nursing service in Dhaka BD, patient care, nurse services, Medical equipment services we are providing at your home
From the above discussion, you are physically weak.

How the elderly suffered physical abuse:

1. No medical treatment or delay
2. Do not give up on the time of the meal,
3, unable to wear clean comfortable clothes,
4. Hair Shave – Not Helping To Cut Nails,
5. Ala – let the air stay in the house,
6. Not cooperating with the gas,
7. Slap, slap
8. Push
9. Providing rotten food,
10, not buying medicines properly,
11. Don’t use high-end or convenient toilets,
12. Not helping with walking exercises.

 The types of psychological abuse:

1. To abuse
3. Keep talking
4. To prevent or not to attend the social corner,
5. Taking a look at physical disability,
6. Refusing to participate in the decision-making process,
7. Unsolicited Feedback,
8. Disruption of choice
9. Forced to live a lonely life,
10. Not to pay for money at hand,
11. Reproach, scorn,
12. Stress in providing support,
13. Theft of money,
14. Important documents hide documents,
15. Get out of the house,
16. Giving false assurance,
17. Throw away favorite things
18. Intimidate

If a portion of the income is stored compulsory for senior life. There will be plenty of free time from the financial crisis. It is best to save one-tenth of your income.

For those who cannot save, the government will have to provide a lifetime pension. The veteran watching flat setting

Treatment-Free medicines. Request – Subsidy is required for transportation. Now, to save the elderly from torture, a social movement must be formed. The involvement of people in all occupations is very important in this movement. There are laws against torture.

It is a law to punish the son or daughter-in-law of the son I think, to protect the elderly from torture, people from the village level. Have to be organized.

The local public representative, school teacher, mosque imam and a committee of eminent persons will keep track of the elderly people in the area.

If there is a possibility of torture in the corner, you will take the initiative to stop the torture by making a noise. Or inform the law enforcers and help them take legal action.

Religious institutions, educational institutions, hats and bazaars, rallies and rallies will raise awareness about anti-torture campaigns The elder.

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