February 21

I am Bengali in Bengali so, I am proud.February 21
The sincere respect and love for them on behalf of the Nursing Home Care Service.
On 21th February, the nation’s best children will be remembered with great tribute on the Great Language Day.
Today is February 21, the great International Mother Language Day. We are the only nation on earth that gave life for the language. That is why, as a nation, UNESCO recognizes the Martyrs’ sacrifice as an International Mother Language Day for their unwavering love for our language.
“Painted in my brother’s blood
Twenty-one in February
Can i forget ”

The “Bangla Language” is a humble tribute to those martyrs whose acquittal in exchange for their sacrifice on the occasion of the 21st of February and International Mother Language Day.

A day of glory

Twenty-one February is a glorious day for the people of Bangladesh. It is well-known everywhere as Martyrs’ Day and International Mother Language Day. The history of the Bengali nation as a day of agonizing and glorious remembrance of the movement to establish their own mother tongue has been mark on the pages of history.

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