Medical Oxygen

What is medical oxygen?

Medical oxygen is the oxygen that is given according to the doctor’s advice to restore and keep a person healthy when their normal breathing is disrupt.This oxygen is used for various purposes. Most of them are used to treat human respiratory diseases. Medical oxygen is used in different settings.Treatment is usually conducted in medical facilities such as Oxygen Hospitals and Clinics. It is used during anesthesia, to restore first aid for emergencies, to support the lives of patients who cannot breathe on their own, and during oxygen therapy.

Where to get oxygen cylinder

Usually you can get oxygen cylinders from people who sell various medical products, if you want you can contact us, we sell oxygen cylinders all over Dhaka Bangladesh. We use and sell high quality oxygen that is available in oxygen cylinders.

What is the price of Bangladesh Oxygen Cylinder?

We sell oxygen cylinders at affordable prices here, don’t do it at present because the situation is a little higher than usual. Even then, according to the demand of Bangladesh, we sell at the most affordable price.

The difference between medical oxygen and oxygen in industry

Medical oxygen is high pure oxygen which is used in medical work and this oxygen is used for human body. You need to have a specific doctor’s prescription to use medical oxygen.
Industrial oxygen is used in a variety of plants, including combustion, oxidation, cutting, and chemical reactions.

How do you set up an oxygen cylinder at home

To set up an oxygen cylinder at home you need to know certain information, if you don’t know the information you can never use it properly.

The common misconception of oxygen

A common belief is that we breathe 100% oxygen into our atmosphere. That’s not true. The air we breathe is about 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen. The last 1% is a mixture of other gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Another common misconception is that people need high purity oxygen which is close to 100% oxygen for certain occupations or uses. For example, high purity grade oxygen will not be used for firefighting, deep sea diving, or other uses. Most of these situations use regular air or ABO gas which is often filtered and cooled for the comfort of the user.