You can get a nurse from Nursing Home Care showing signs of these rages.

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1. To be quiet
2. Restlessness
3. Apathy
4. Do the same thing over and over again
5. Could not guess the time,
6. The strangest place seems strange,
7. Can’t accept the change,
8. Lost money or could not be accounted for,
9. Wives, children, siblings not recognized,
10. Lost or lost in the known way,
11. To see a dead relative long ago,
12. Forgetting recent events, not being able to speak well about the distant past.

If such symptoms show, dementia should be confirmed by a specialist physician. There is no treatment for this reggae, so reggae service is up. It’s important to have an idea of ​​what that will be like.

The rage slowly approached the intensity. Severity can be delayed if service is performed properly. Reggie gets regular exercise, likes to sing songs, likes to feed, accompanies children, walks to favorite places, holds close relatives

writes diaries, reads books and newspapers on shenanas, takes them to social events, talks with children. Remember, smiling, adorable face, affectionate room will help keep Reggie calm. Touch Reggie, kiss on the forehead, massage your hands and feet. Remember, dementia can’t tell if Reggie is in pain.

Nursing home service BD

If Reggie is upset or aggressive, stay away from him. Don’t argue, explain correctly. Keep yourself calm, keep Reggie calm.
Living with dementia reggae is a difficult and tedious task. Regularly perform multiple tasks in turn.

There is a need for training and counseling for the service provider. Because Reggie’s condition continues to get worse.Near Nursing Home BD in Dhaka Bangladesh,we are providing nursing service at your home in 24 hours.
Once upon a time, Reggie couldn’t do any of his personal daily tasks. Become dependent on others. As a result, emotional stress, anxiety and anxieties arise on family members.

Reggie is then physically on earth. An organization is currently operating in Bangladesh to serve dementia sufferers. You can ease the trouble by taking the services of their trained service personnel. In return you have to pay.