All the qualifications a nurse must have 

Nurse: “A person who is scientifically educated in Nursing and studies up to the prescribed standards and is expert in medical matters.”Nurse supply in Dhaka Bangladesh BD. Nursing Home Care, You will now receive nursing services at your home. 24 Hour Nursing Home Services.

Registered Nurse: “A nurse with a graduation degree who, after being properly verified by the State Nurse Examiner’s Council, gives her legal permission to register (register). General Chat Chat Lounge General Chat Chat Lounge And then he got the legal right to use the title as a registered nurse. ”

Clinical Nurse Specialist: “A government-accredited nurse who has good knowledge, skills and abilities regarding a particular field of nursing.”

Midwife Nurse: “Who studied both nursing and obstetrics.”

Practical Nurse: “He who has practical knowledge about nursing but has not graduated from any nursing school.”

Approved Practical Nurse: “Who graduated from Practical Nursing School. General Chat Chat Lounge General Chat Chat Lounge Who is legally allowed to work as an accredited or professional

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Although being a self-sufficient nurse requires selflessness, it is not enough. Being a good nurse requires a lot of training and experience. You need to study nursing for one to four years or more and learn hands-on writing. But the question is, what are the qualities that make a good nurse? Be aware! Some experienced nurses have asked this question, here are some of them.

“The doctor cured the disease but the nurse cared for the patient. For this reason, nurses often have to build up mentally and physically disadvantaged patients who find out that they have a chronic disease or will soon die. You have to take on the role of the mother of a patient. ”- Carmen Kilmartin, Spain.

“A patient must feel pain and suffering and have the desire to help him. This requires kindness and patience. There is always more to know about nursing and medicine. ”- Tadashi Hatano, Japan.

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“Recently nurses have needed to take more professionalism. Therefore, they need to have the desire to study and the ability to understand it. Not only that, nurses need to make quick decisions and take immediate action if necessary. ”- Keiko Kawane, Japan.

“As a nurse, you have to show a sincere attitude. You have to have endurance and have empathy. ”- Aracelli Garcia Padia, Mexico.

“A good nurse must have a habit of reading carefully, taking care of everything very well and being professional. If a nurse does not have the spirit of self-sacrifice, that is, if she has little self-interest or if she is upset with the advice of a high-ranking medical authority, that nurse will be considered inappropriate for the patient and her colleagues. ”- Rosangela Santos, Brazil.

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“There must be some qualities, such as flexibility, endurance, and endurance. Not only that, you need to be open-minded and have the ability to cope with colleagues and medical authorities. You need to learn new techniques quickly to keep working efficiently. ”- Mark Koller, France.Nurse supply in Dhaka Bangladesh BD. Nursing Home Care, You will now receive nursing services at your home. 24 Hour Nursing Home Services.

“People need to love and want to help others. Must have the strength to cope with difficult emotional stress because there is no way to make mistakes. You also have the ability to adapt so that you can provide better quality services with a few colleagues if needed. ”- Claudia Rackerbacher, The Netherlands.

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