Nursing home care

Five challenges of nursing home care are mention. The titles of the challenges are give to attract the attention of the readers.Nursing Home Care Dhaka,We are providing 24 hours Patient care at home Dhaka Bangladesh,Medical equipment.
A maternal and newborn mortality rates,
B, infant mortality rate,
C, infectious disease control,
D, infectious rage,
E, the new rag’s archetype and re-enactment,
F, pre-disaster and climate change,
G, diet, and nutrition,
H, city health care,
I, Yes, rural healthcare,
J, changes in demographic patterns and lifestyle patterns
T, Human Resource Development and Management,
Yeah, quality,
Monitoring, information, surveying technology, and political science
The Equitable services,
Well, ethics in the medical profession,
Of course, one of the four challenges in the knowledge of people’s healthy living is not even on the agenda.

The country’s elderly population is increasing. The average life expectancy of people is increasing with the improvement of medical science.

Nursing home care Dhaka

At present there are about one and a half million elderly people in Bangladesh, they have some old people who lack the care of people.
Hospitals, clinics look up, and the number of elderly reggae is increasing day by day. The World Economic Forum has identified 3 risks to the world economy at the World Economic Summit in the 21st.

Among these, the elderly have been portrayed as a global economic challenge. Certainly, the elderly people of Bangladesh will present a great challenge for us in the future.

The veteran has been mentioned just twice to make this huge challenge. Once the older population has added the two words ‘old’ once more, the responsibility of the elderly does not end.

As mothers and childr are given importance in the health system, the elderly. The importance of healthcare could be emphasiz.

Although the population growth rate is slowing down, the Mate population is increasing rapidly. Regression and psychological problems are increasing with the aging of the population and urbanization.

In order to implement the goals and objectives of the National Health Policy, the MET has been formulated with five strategies.Nursing Home Care Dhaka,We are providing 24 hours Patient care at home Dhaka Bangladesh,Medical equipment

Why do we need nursing homes?

Nursing homes, also called skilled nursing facilities, provide a wide range of health and personal care services. After they recover, they go home. However, most nursing home residents live there permanently because they have ongoing physical or mental conditions that require constant care and supervision.

The strategy will modernize the education and training of medical education, nursing education, paramedic and technologist, physiotherapist and other health workers and will be public and national based. Emphasis will be plac on raising awareness about the quality of service, sensitive behavior towards Reggie, compassion, and morality in the teaching of medical manpower.

Nursing education will be start in specialized nursing education, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, coronary care, and other specialized disciplines. Here you can refer to geriatric nursing. Of the elderly people. Plans do not appear in the corner to create an aging physician for good treatment.

Initiatives have been take to start the geriatric ward in hospitals. The geriatric ward has been opene in two hospitals. Here you will need the knowledge and the skills needed to serve the elderly. Our health will be aging – that’s the expectation.

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