Nursing Home Care

As a Caregiver / Nursing Nursing Home Care Service bd I will be required to complete the following routine tasks:

Nursing Home Care BD, It is a renowned Dhaka Bangladesh based company for nursing care at home.

1. Will be at work at the right time.

2. Blood pressure, pulse, fever, glucose, breathing, etc. will be measured at the right time.

3. As per the advice of doctors, I will take the medicine at the right time, in a quantitative, accurate manner.

4. After waking up I will clean the face and take care of the eyes.

5. Take bath at the right time, take care of your hands and feet and back.

6. After 2/3 days, I will save the clean and timely cut the nails of the hands and feet.

7. I will sit or lie down as the patient feels comfortable to stay.

8. I’ll help you get back on track.

9. We will eat the right amount of food at the right time. If you do not eat in the mouth, I will try to feed the NG tube or alternatively.

10. If there is any backdoor or lesion in the patient’s body, I will keep an eye on it.

11. I will help the patient in the toilet. If I urinate in the bed, I will clean.

12. Take care of NG tubes, catheters, bypass machines, oxygen concentrators, suction and of course.

13. I will do body, hand, foot massage or exercise every 2 1/2 times daily and according to the needs of the patient.

14. I will read to the patient the magazines, story books, etc., and talk to the patient beautifully.

15. I will pack the clothes, bedding used by the Nursing Home Care.

16. The necessary medical equipment must be carefully cleaned.

17. Will treat the patient with guardianship respectfully.