How can I care about my new born baby?

Best Baby Care Home Service Providing Company in Dhaka Bangladesh (BD). Call – Nursing Home Care BD is for nurse services at . Many times we fail to take proper care of a newborn baby due to lack of awareness. The mother is ill after the birth of a newborn. Therefore, at this time, a trusted family member has to take responsibility.

For those who will perform this special duty, know what to do:

The nose and mouth of the newborn should,

The baby should be breastfed as soon as possible,

Keep the navel dry and open,

Most of the day the baby is asleep during this time the body temperature of the newborn  kept in mind,

New clothes can not be worn, cotton should be made with soft cloth and washed,

Wash all baby use daily with soap and salmon and dry it in the sun,

Before washing the baby, wash your hands with soap,

During bed, keep the baby in bed without napping,

Keep the baby at least half an hour in the morning sun,

Breast milk is sufficient for the baby. There is no need to provide water or any other food,

The baby’s body cannot be oiled,

To prevent the heat from sweating in various parts of the body, give it with powder,

Use wet tissue to clean the baby,

Keep baby beds clean,

Do not hold the baby back from outside,

Give the child timely vaccinations,

Caring for your child as the doctor advises,

Avoid all kinds of superstition,

As a mother, it is the responsibility of a father to raise a child. And the baby needs to take care of her mother as well baby care in bd.

How do you take care of a 4-month-old baby?

At 4 months, your baby may gradually manifest its unique personality traits. During this time, your next pregnancy cure will be complete. Now, you understand your child’s needs, what makes him happy, and what he likes in general. Sleeping and feeding patterns can begin to formulate which can help you to know your child’s needs in advance and can be provided accordingly. At times it may seem easy, and sometimes it is no less a challenge Best Baby care in Dhaka

At this stage, your baby can see significant development. Her weight gain may start to show that she is getting the nutrients she needs. The average height of a 4-month-old baby is usually 63.8 cm for boys and 62 cm for girls. The average weight is usually 7kg for boys and 6.4kg for girls.

Other prominent developments may include coordination of hands with close eyes and eyes, turning to the side, hands on the mouth, shaking hands with toys. Your child may begin to respond to affection, such as smiling at people or imitating others’ movements and facial expressions. He can speak half-heartedly and express various emotions such as sadness, joy or resentment.Best Baby Care Home Service Providing Company in Dhaka Bangladesh (BD). Call – Nursing Home Care BD is for nurse services at …

Feeding your baby: Proper and adequate food is important for understanding and developing the child’s life. At this time, the baby’s brain, bones, muscles, heart, and kidneys, etc., grow rapidly and become full. Baby food can be divided into roughly 3 parts. Firstly sugar and fat, secondly Amish, thirdly vitamins and minerals. That is rice, pulses, wheat, etc. From this we get strength. Our nerve cells (neurons) are made up of fat, which is an oily food. Amish participates in the production of muscle, hormones, enzymes, blood hemoglobin, etc. Malnutrition can lead to malnutrition (Chug). Soluble in vitamin or fats, both in water and soluble in fat. Soluble vitamins in fats are vitamin A and vitamin D.

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