The period of birth up to 27 days after birth is know as the newborn period This time is important for both you and your child There is no alternative to cleanliness,Newborn Care in Dhaka Bangladesh (BD),we are providing nursing home care in Dhaka our service.

to keep her safe and secure between love and adoration. The delicate tender body can easily be infect with various pathogens.

If you want to keep your baby’s little body away from unhappiness, you need to ensure its physical cleanness. That’s why we have this article with these tips.

At the hospital or clinic, the operation theater is wiped off and wrapped in a soft cloth. One piece is to wrap the baby in a large clean cloth, first to wipe the head, neck, shoulders, chest and stomach. Then from the back and waist up to the foot When wiped, wrap the entire body (excluding the face) with the head in another soft cloth.

At birth, a baby is born with a natural protective wall on her skin. This is another layer of amniotic fluid that is called Vernix casosa. The coating in this thin white enhances the baby’s immune system within six to seven days. But do not forget to rub it in the rub

Next cleanliness:
It is important for the newborn’s body to remain clean, but some special organs require separate care Such as the navel, the gap between the eyes, eyes, nose, ears, nails and tongue.

Follow the 12 tips below to prevent a baby from getting infect since birth.

1. Wash your hands

Before washing your baby, always wash your hands first You can use disinfectant handwash or instant hand sanitizer.

Ask the child to wash his hands before taking them on a leash Also, wash your hands before cleaning the baby care, then only touch the baby

Wash your hands after changing your baby’s diaper or urine.

2. Umbilical cord or navel

Immediately after childbirth the placenta is cut off After cutting the navel, doctors clamp it or attach it to a plastic or metal cord clamp or tape, such as a clip. This will stop the blood flow to the navel and reduce the chances of infection

Keep the navel dry 1 The more dry you are, the faster the navel will dry out For this, keep the navel away from oil, soap, lotions, water.

However, sometimes doctors ask to be remov with alcohol in the navel Clean the navel gently by applying alcohol in a cotton ball or cotton bud.

It may be drying properly but sometimes it may cause yellow spots on the baby’s clothes from the navel. Change clothes and wash. Usually within seven to fourteen days, the navel dries and falls on its own

3. The stranger’s nails

Baby nails grow very fast Her nails may hurt her skin There is a possibility of a wound if the jaw is deep

Cut the nails nicely 1 Spend only when the baby is asleep so there will be no fear of moving or cutting And if you want to spend an awake time, seek help from someone else.

Whatever a normal baby nail cutter or scissors, use a baby nail cutter, wash it with disinfectant mixed water once before using. Baby nails are usually soft, but if you feel tight, cut the nails after bath

4.Newborn Care

Do not forget to clean the dirt of the child’s eyes, but do not go empty-handed. Dip a piece of soft cloth in warm water Lightly press the water to remove the baby’s eyes

In many instances, breast milk may be lost in the eyes of the child Inflammation of the baby’s eyes can occur when breast milk enters the eye So be careful 1

Some of the baby’s eyes read water. Repeat with soft cloth repeatedly. The problem is fix after one or two months. Consult a doctor if you think you have more problems

5. Keep the stranger’s tongue clean

White lining is seen in baby’s tongue due to milk feeding Using a soft, dry cloth, wipe the tongue of your little goldfish

6. Keep the baby’s ears clean

Do not clean with cottonbeds inside the ear The ear screen may hurt. There is some hair inside the ear that pushes the outside dirt. It is important to protect them from Cottonbird injury

Keep the top of the ear 1 Wipe cottonball or soft cloth Newborn Care in Bangladesh.

7. Care of the nose

Without cotton earbuds like the ears, rub the elbows in a soft cotton cloth It will not be possible to hurt the baby If the cold or dirt is block in the nose, the baby breathes through the mouth and does not want to suckle milk. So take care and keep it clean.

8. The newborn dress

During this time, the reproductive organs of the baby are much softer When wearing baby clothes and choosing a diaper, consider whether it is comfortable and has high absorption capacity.

There is a difference in the care and cleanliness of the genitals of boys and girls,Newborn Care in Dhaka Bangladesh (BD),we are providing nursing home care in Dhaka our service is Bangladesh

In the case of the baby, it is normal to have swollen and reddish swelling outside her vagina Clean regularly with a wet soft cloth. Use small baby soaps. Remove from front to back.

You can use a little baby oil every time the diaper is switched on or after the closet You can also delete use wipes quickly with wipes

Be careful about the baby’s genitalia Penis gets dirty under the skin on the head Clean up…

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